The year 2020 is still shaking, and we can’t deny the fact that it has brought unexpected situations. Everyone is thrilled and scared about life after lockdown , but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop pursuing your ambitious  goals. Well, at the beginning of this year, I started thinking that it is the real-time to start chasing after my dreams. And I decided not to lose sight onto them. 

While at the beginning of 2020, I was full of enthusiasm, but never knew that within a short period of time, I’d learn so many lessons. Let’s just explore them one by one; 

1 Breath – 

Its human nature, to react panicaly, even if it is a minor change in their lives. But I have just learned to take a deep breath and stop the panic invading my body. And when you do this things get much easier. 

Whenever i encounter that awful feeling, my brain past them with 2 strategies;

  • First  – i just ran away 
  • Second  – I tried to put my practice of staying calm into action, which is far more an easy pessy reaction. 

Looking for a more  practical solution isn’t a one-day achievement you have to practise and develop a good relationship with your inner self. 

And when I start documenting my feelings and experiences, I make more space for my inner peace, and am able to connect my breath more naturally. 

You cannot control the situation but you can control your reaction towards it 

Learn to say  “NO”

I am not telling you to be rude, but I meant to keep toxic people away from your life. Having Happy, delighted, encouraging people in life is a bliss, and you deserve to be surrounded by people who nurture you not destroy your inner peace.  I’ve been into the community of rude, toxic, selfish, narcissistic people, but also there’re lovely,  and true people who loved me supported me.

While choosing the company of people you have to be picky here, choose them wisely; not to mention but I have very few people, and they are incredible and adorable.   


Invest in your personal growth – 

If you want to see good results, and enrich your life, then you need to invest in your personal growth. Money comes and goes, yes we people have obligations, but still, money has a mind of its own. And we most of the time feel frightened! But ohh I get it; right now everyone is feeling precarious, doesn’t it?

Stop expecting from others to invest in you, start investing in your personal growth so that you can lead your life not the money. 

What about reading, meditating, or online courses websites? 

I have invested so much in my personal growth, and now I am enjoying its perks. 

I have utilized every source, be it Instagram, quora, blogs to learn new things, and still i am on the boat of learning. You should also pay attention how you can leverage smart learning with online platforms. 

Appreciate and practise gratitude – 

it may appear bizarre. I am pretty grateful for the oddness of this year. I know this is freaking everyone out there, and also me too, but still, we always have a way out. 

I’m exploring and discovering more about myself, I am actually working on myself. Practising the gratitude helps you to deal with negative situations without losing the positiveness. In the past few months, I was so struck with my routine and wasn’t able to write stuff after knowing the importance of gratitude in life. But now I am able to connect with my Inner divine which is guiding me through. I meditate every day, which helps me to balance my chakra. I am eating only healthy and exercising daily. Don’t you think this hard timing is hitting everyone politely and opening up doors towards new opportunities? 


Do whatever makes you happy – 

As the saying goes, “whatever floats your boats” that means do whatever makes you happy.  December 2019 i created my own blog with a purpose. I discovered a passion, the one I love the most. I’ve done so much with this gratitude and passion and would continue to do so. 

Have some boundaries – 

I consider myself as a nice and adorable person, but over the years I practiced to say  NO, because of the deep resentment. Well this has been a tough lesson, but now I am glad that I can live with my own choices, I can give up on stuff that I don’t want in my life. 

Tighten up your belts for unexpected outcomes –

If in case you think it is an understatement; then you are absolutely right. The whole world is an in-complete lockdown, and everyone is contributing to find a resolution to make lives more interesting while staying at home. 

Being a responsible person for our lovely earth, I’ve taken the stride into my account and trying to create content that would be useful for the readers. This is a great time to heal ourselves with reading and writing good pieces of content. 

The most important lesson of my life; 

  1. people are mean, and they will be, just practise the habit of ignorance. There are so many things that just broke my heart, and every time i wonder how one can  manage to be mean. 
  2. Always listen to your parents, and of course, your heart. Be kind to people, but please don’t trust them; they have a tremendous capacity to hurt your emotions. 
  3. Always trust your gut feeling most of the time they are genuine and true.
  4. Don’t waste food, electricity and water, remember your 1% efforts will be added.
  5. I have done it so you can, and together we can make the  change.  


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