“”Find something that you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it” 

Well, I am not a bakiest person but the rush of enthusiasm I felt during my first bake is something worth sharing. 

I never tried baking because of my hectic schedule, but one day I was really craving sweets so I just stumbled upon a youtube video ” how to make cupcakes”.

 It was the same time when everything was falling down in my life( just in my head). There was a lot to digest in the new place or work pressure etc. So just keep reading because I know this is gonna help you definitely, especially given the COVID-19 circumstances. 

You may regard baking as science, but for me, it’s truly the chemistry between the cook and the ingredients that give desserts life. 

Well for starters, it can be fun but do not expect a perfect dessert in the first attempt because baking is an art and if you fail in the first attempt, always remember it is ok to fail.

For me, it was stress-relieving therapy. I have read a lot that baking is a great form of therapy regardless of excellent results but never experienced it. 

So if you are having a rough day don’t worry just spend some time in the kitchen, I bed you, you’ll never regret doing this. 

I really like to understand how this could be possible, how just a simple act can change your mood, even though it was not baked properly. So I asked myself, observed my behaviour, did thorough research and came up with ultimate reasons why we enjoy baking?

Let’s get started; 

Mindfulness activity –

The time I started gathering ingredients until the time when the microwave stopped beeping, I was so focused on everything, and that kept me away from anxieties and worries. It’s an act of mindfulness that allows you to regain the touch with your conscious, with your body. The process of balancing out butter and sugar, fluttering eggs, beating and folding shapes space in mind and releases negative thinking processes.

It’s a creative expression – 

Imagination is necessary when you want to be creative, and baking allows you to be creative with the decorations, shapes which is completely associated with overall wellbeing. By letting your mind wander and build something artistic, without limitations and expectations, your creativity can only grow more powerful.

Stimulate senses and promote focus – 

Let’s admit the fact that baking is not all stress-free because being in the kitchen and doing everything isn’t everyone’s dream.

So if you never cooked and used baking as a stress-free therapy then greet your teeth because this is gonna be fun! Touch, smell, sight, and (of course) taste are all will be fastened by baking.

This multi-sensory perspective of baking can be very remedial particularly for those who have memories linked with baking those items. 

Escape from Stresses of the Day

You’ll hopefully feel more grounded the time you grab your mixer. The people who feel anxious or overwhelmed baking can be very grounding for them as it elevates awareness of their body and makes you feel present in the moment which will take away your stresses. 


Make sure to share your creation with others, because eating all by yourself can be a little harsh for your health. So don’t forget to involve your family, friends and enjoy the creative servings together. 

If you have some experiences to share with us, feel free to comment down.



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