Beginners Tips For Content Writing

Written by Megha Sharma

Experienced Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the, Content Strategy, Blog Writing, Copy writing, Website Content Writing, Proofreading and Freelancing. 

February 21, 2021

Content writing is a skill that can be learned by anyone. All it takes is dedication and practice.

Writing is a skill like carpentry. You need to practice writing when you aren’t forced to. I bring this up because I don’t think it’s enough for beginners just starting out in the world of content writing to just write.

Yes, you need to write a lot,  but that’s just half of the equation. If you don’t think about things like SEO and audience engagement as you write, chances are you won’t write very well in general.

I know that a lot of people just like you are on the lookout for the best content writing tips they can find. So here’s what I will recommend to you today.

Do Your Research. 

As a content writer, your goal is to communicate, entertain and persuade. To do so, you need to learn everything about your audience and the product or service you’re promoting. A good content writer must have a thorough knowledge of the market. Take time to research your niche and dig deep into the industry trends.

Focus on one purpose and do that purpose extremely well.

Content writing is much different from writing a story and should be treated differently. One of the keys to becoming a good content writer is to know what you are trying to do. This sounds obvious, but too often, we write for no particular purpose and just hope that the point comes through. When starting out, it’s tempting to try every possible angle on a topic — but it’s better to nail down one idea and focus on that.

Create A Compelling Headline, this Works Like Magic.

There’s no denying that a busy audience has more than enough things to read, watch, and listen to on a daily basis. Which is why you must get creative with your headline writing!

Your headline can be the difference between your audience reading your entire work and moving on to something else. If you want to make it a content writer, you must learn how to write a good headline that will draw audiences. Your headline is the reason readers will take a look at your content. If you don’t clutch their consciousness, they will leave and never come back.

Create a Hook That Seizes Their Attention. 

Three seconds! That’s the amount of time you have to engage readers and get them to read your content. Your introduction can make or break an article. It’s the first impression of your content and therefore needs to grab the reader’s attention. Your purpose is to build a relationship between their question/problem and your post title and first sentence.

For general search engines then the biggest ranking factor is content. In fact, 82% of marketing professionals say that producing high-quality content plays a critical role in SEO. To be a good content writer, you need to know how to write in a way that drives traffic and increases leads. Developing your own style with certain content writing techniques will make it easier for you to write quality content that does not contain fluff or recycled information.

Few words in the endContent writing is the lifeblood of any successful online campaign. Whether it’s a simple blog post or an extensive white paper, content plays an integral role in boosting your company’s visibility and gaining market share. After all, quality content acts as a marketing tool to nurture and convert site visitors into leads—or even paying customers. I’ve been writing content for more than four years. Even with my extensive experience, I still learn something new almost every day.

Being a good content writer is not easy but can help you spend your life working with organizations that are willing to pay for great content and help you create and deliver great quality of contents that help you earn yourself a decent income. If you are stuck and not able to figure out what you should do, then I have got you back. 

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