Books are an inevitable part of human life. ” We read, We grow” this is how everything goes. And at last we always end with same question we can consume the content in books, and how books manage to compel us in all ways?

How our brain make connections with every word we learn or read?

Well, here is a small trace to understand how reading is helpful.

This dot fairly represents an idea, when you get an idea, it takes you some days or even some months to figure out how that idea can be implemented.

how brain works

And this lines represents the alley between oue thoughts and idea.

When we read books, it gives more dots to our brain, which means the brain needs the potential to arrange other ideas. Perhaps it is daunting, but the brain manages to put ideas recognizably.

Well, then what makes a connection with those dots?

Surprisingly it is our experience and learning from the previous implementation. When anything matches with the stored memories in our brain, then the brain retrieves the whole information and tries to connect one part with the other.

That’s how our decisive capacity grows.


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