Are you a girl with curls, or cool straight hairs? Well doesn’t matter what type of hair texture you have; you always have the chance to look flawless all season. 

You just realize the presence of dust, sun, dryness, and sweating in your hair because of summer. Inconveniently these are the challenges we have to face during the summers. But to pull the best look out of you, we’ve come up with these amazing hairstyles for summer season. 

A scarf is an all-time accessory that ever women love to keep, but this summer, try to blend your hairstyle with lovely and chic scarfs. If you are also fascinated with shining prints of scrafs and want to add it in your hairstyles then keep scrolling and find your best match; 

Half top knot 

Easy hairstyle for summer for medium hairs
Best hairstyles for summer

If you are someone who always fancies adopting boho look, then this is definitely you need to try. 

     It’s your hairs do whatever you want

Blended scarf bun 

This is a pretty trendy one, or if you are hanging out with your bae on a beach, then for all these ladies, this is the best hairdo. 

Vintage top knot 

If you are in a hurry, and you are only left with a scarf. Then there is something charming about a scarf you need to know is that you can tie the scarf in vintage style top knot, which is a straightforward process to do. summer party hair styles

Colorful braid with scarf – 

Doesn’t it sound quite colorful? Of course, yes, because adding the chic and multicolor scarf gives a more feminine look to your braid. The next thing you need to do is pair this with a beautiful dress to the flaw. 

summer hairstyles and colour

A twisted half-ponytail –

If you are going outside and just want a simple and adorable style to your hairs, then you must go with this twisted half-ponytail look. 

Top scarfs –

Of course, summers are hitting, and we girls can’t compromise with our fashion. Then how to look stylish without damaging the hairs? Just relax and let me show you how. 

cute hairstyles for summer

With the top scarf, you can cover your hair with a cool look, which is also perfect while hanging out with your friends. 


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