We, humans, are social animals thus self-quarantine or social distancing seems to be nature’s revenge upon us. The idea of social distancing could be fun to follow for a day or so, but it could be daunting and disturbing if we are forced to follow for a few weeks or a few months. We are young and exuberant thus we mistakenly consider ourselves to be invincible to the virus, but Coronavirus could put you in hospital for some weeks or kill you. And beyond this, even if you don’t get sick, the choices you made could cost the lives of other people. The people could be your beloved ones or your neighbour. So, we have to take this matter with the utmost seriousness and follow the guidelines issued by our government or concerned authorities. 

Talking about the corona boredom, do you know how boredom can lead to brilliancy? Brilliancy is the uncharted territory of your hidden talent, which every one of us is gifted with, which finds its escape route due to your boredom. The people with higher intellect happen to succumb to apathy. Boredom is the sign that your brain is seeking something unusual, which is different from your everyday mundane life.

“If you don’t have shadows, you’re not in light.”

Once you begin daydreaming and let your mind wander, that is the time when you hit your consciousness and start making new connections. Connecting the dot is the mother of a breakthrough. This breakthrough will meta transform you to something else. So, here are some ways you can feed your brain. 

Start your day with positive energy – 

Do not stay asleep after 7, because getting up late might lower the level of your energy that you are going to need for the whole day. You can follow these steps; 

Proper sleep cycle – 

Wake up till 7 am, this will help you to keep productive all-day, and this is also healthful for your sleep cycle. All you need to do is to break the comfort zone or set the boundaries out of it. Although people who are taking work from home, might not be feeling the scene of getting bored. For those who want to utilize this time productively, I am going to give some real-life advice about how I am feeling being quarantined. And what I have been following to make myself more productive. 

Feed healthy to your brain and body – 

Start your day with a healthy breakfast which is going to feed energy to your mind. When you feel it’s dark inside, you need to shed some light, with books. Read whatever you want to, always prefer good books that can feed your mind something healthy. Find out my suggestions below; 

  • The diary of a young girl 
  • The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
  • The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott
  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
  • Vision In White by Nora Roberts
  • Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

These books can get you in the mood, and also fill you with more emotions.  

Let your creativity to escape

This is the time when you can have deep insights about yourself. Are you aware of your interests, likes or dislikes or you never had the time to do so? Well if not then grab your laptop and start looking for utilizing your time in the things that you have been procrastinating for a long time. Start expressing your feelings through writing. Writing answers over Quora could be the perfect start. Art and crafts is the physical manifestation of your inner thought process and channelizing it through a piece of paper, or some other way could be self-liberating.

“Creativity needs some medium to seep out into the physical world.”

Instrumental playing, believe me, this is more interesting than anything. I am not convincing you to go outside and purchase some musical instrument; instead, you can download some app on which you can play any instrument virtually. 

Let’s create an awesome playlist

Listening songs can help you to reduce anxiety, and it is also backed by science. So why not to give it a shot while being trapped in your home. We can play a game of adding my playlist to yours. I have named this game PLAYLISTA. Anyone can join this google doc file to edit the category as well as their favourite song. I have added some of my favourite songs. These songs are at the top of my most played songs list. I am waiting for your edition of edit on this Google doc file. 

You can write your favourite leisure activity in the comment section below to help us to get over this tough corona boredom. 




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