A common question that we often ask ourselves that  is it ok to fail?  I can remember the time when I first felt the sting of failure in my life. It was a shaking experience for me; I had no other options but to accept reality. 

The sad part about that time is, nobody told me that without failure you couldn’t feel fully lived.

Failure is an inevitable part of life; our failures make us who we are. Failure strengthens us mentally and enables us to take the risk, again and again. It sharpens our attention and unravels the alternative to get anything done. 

Everybody encounters failure at any stage of their life, but I learnt that it doesn’t matter how many times you failed. You only have to be right once. 

You might be thinking where I am going with this? Let me set you free with this fantastic failure story which is personally my favourite. 

Story of karoly Takacs known as “shooter with the only hand” 

A man of passion

Takács is one of only five people in the world ever to win an Olympic medal with a physical disability. 

In 1938, Karoly Takacs of the Hungarian Army was one of the top pistol shooters in the world, and he was supposed to win the Gold medal in the 1940 Olympics. 

But due to a terrible incident that happened just before the Olympics, those expectations vanished. 

During his training session with his army team, he lost his right hand due to the explosion of a grenade. 

He spent months in the hospital for treatment of his right hand; he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight for the Olympics. This is the crucial time when most of the people would have quite and probably spend the rest of their live-in griefing. 

But not Takacs, he knows it is going to be hard, but he can’t let the unfortunate circumstances beat him down. 

After his discharge from the hospital, he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and started practising with his other hand. He chose to focus on what he did have, instead of focusing on what he didn’t. 

With a strong mental setup and hard work in 1939, he showed up at the national pistol shooting championship in Hungarian. Other shooters addressed Takacs to present him their sympathies and to compliment him on having the fortitude to come and watch them shoot. They were shocked when he said,

“I didn’t come to watch; I came to compete.” They were even more shocked when Takacs won!

His next stop was the Olympics, but due to World War-II, the 1940s and 1944s Olympics were cancelled. It seemed like Takacs’ Olympic Dream would never get an opportunity to win. But he kept training, and in 1948 he passed for the London Olympics. At the age of 38, he won the Gold Medal and established a new world record in pistol shooting. He kept moving and 4years later, in the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 Takacs won the Gold Medal again. 

We all have that kind of speciality that empowers us to bounce back quickly. The speciality to understand that it’s ok to fail sometimes, it’s ok to feel sad because failure reminds us that there is another way and I will find that way. 

Don’t let the failure bother you 

Once upon a time when I was afraid to make mistakes, because I feared failure, and I was chained in an emotional prisoner.

But luckily now I am free because that wave of the endless hopelessness took me to the shores of prosperity and opportunities. But before it just happened, I encountered so many failures in my life and still, I do. There are countless things, and they weren’t just small failures; they made me feel so infinitesimally. But I had no clue what awaited me on the other side. However, it’s a long, long story, but it taught me “ITs OK TO FAIL.” 

Why you should embrace failure – 

Everybody knows that failure is the first step towards success, but still, we spend time on fearing failure and forget to live the present moment, show gratitude for everything that we have and simply move ahead without regretting anything. 

At the time when our mind and body react to failure, we feel intense pain, grief. Yes, it is not easy to pass the stage of anger and grief, but you can hold yourself and remind yourself that “ it is okey to fail but it’s not okay to give up.

To make myself clear i have compiled up few reasons why you should embrace your failure, let dive in; 

Life is abstract, but failure is a fact – 

Yes, it is painful, but it happens to everyone, and you can learn how to get past the situation. It gives you insights about another side of life that was hidden. The fact is we are living in a society where failure is a taboo. Our brain is plagued with images, stories of successful people that make us feel lesser. 

At first, you may feel embarrassed, but when you managed to come out of this state, you’d be surprised to see the rush of motivation and inspiration in your body. 

To understand the Psychology of inspiration, you always need to remember that Everyone fails. 

Failure makes you more empathic to the plight of others 

Failure summarises an active struggle that doesn’t appear to relent. It empowers you to embolden your mind, providing you with the mental toughness. 

Failure gives you the strength that you must inculcate to swim through immense failure.

Once you overcome the stage of failure, you’ll realise it’ll make you far more empathetic to the plight of others. This is the moment that allows you to shatter your ego and destroy the image of your past and embrace the present moment. That sort of empathy is the pathway to real success.

Failure allows your conscious mind to take more risk – 

The fear of failure is a significant censor for most people. It’s normally the fear of failure that’s higher than the failure itself, which distracts us in our tracks. Fear is also a big motivator that symbolizes pain. And we people are more inclined to gain pleasure instead of pain. It’s no wonder taking risks demands a massive amount of courage, that’s why most of the people avoid the pain of failure. But that’s not the way of life, don’t be afraid to fail and if you do so, then don’t be afraid of failing again. 

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